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We asked beauty expert Caryss on her go-to summer style and how we can achieve it. So she told us her step by step guide to achieve the perfect low pony and how easy it is for us to do at home. 


1. Start by adding texture and volume to dry hair by using a volumizer or dry shampoo (see end of my recommendations). Do this by roughly sectioning off your hair and spraying at the roots, this creates more volume.


2. Back comb the crown area lightly to add a bit more volume for the back of the ponytail.


3. Tie the hair into a low pony securely and pull strands out to get a more messy look until you are happy with the look.


4. Take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap around the hair tie until the end of the section is back underneath the ponytail and secure tightly with a bobby pin/grip.

You now have the perfect summer look!


Follow Caryss on Twitter and Instagram for more go-to summer styles. 

Processed with Moldiv

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