We Run This travelled to LA in September and we were lucky enough to shoot with the girl behind Mstr of Disguise, Ann-Marie Hoang. From being an amazing LA stylist to the coolest mum, she managed to spare 5 minutes to sit down with us and answer a couple of questions in-between shooting.

MOD x WRT Launching Monday 10th October.

1. What’s a day like for Mstr of Disguise?
No days are the same for me!


2. 3 emoji’s to describe yourself.



3. What inspires your style?
Life..whether it be running around with Jupiter, styling a music video, or people watching.


4. Your favourite thing about LA?
The many subcultures.


5. Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know.
I had a natural home birth.


6. What are you listening to at the moment?
The Blond album by Frank Ocean.


7. Your favourite WRT piece?
The Nude Embroidered Roses Skirt


Shop Ann-Marie’s style here:
outfit 7

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