We’ve been a huge fan, and loyal clients of Jodie Naca aka The Nail Guru for a long time so we decided to catch up with her to get to know more about her crazy talent, and what inspires her.


When and how did you get into nails?

Painting nails has always been something I’ve been really good at I decided to take that skill and push it to the max. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Marian Newman behind the scenes at LFW, tend to the nails of many celebs, made TV and magazine appearances, you could call me obsessed!


One thing you can’t leave the house without?
My diary, it goes everywhere with me. I need to know my schedule at all times and have clients contacting me at all hours of the day!


What inspires your designs?
Everything and anything… the catwalk, street style, a fabric, the client. I love to adapt an image to suit a clients certain style!


Your go-to nail design?
I love to use effects like pigments, foils and glitters but layering them to get a really lux finish. Clients are always like wow! I’m also a huge fan of a black nail it’s sharp and looks super shiny totally classic.


Your go-to nail product?
My go to nail product is Dadi oil not only does it smell amazing it’s really nourishing for the nail bed and keeps the skin around the nail lovely and soft and well hydrated. It’s also great way to refresh your nails before an event or night out.


What’s your most popular nail design at the moment?
Everyone is going crazy for ethnic nail art and bindi art at the moment. It’s something different and I think has been inspired by all the amazing henna out there at the moment!


What trend predictions do you have for Summer?
This summer I think we’ll see lots of pale and nude colours with crisp negative space lines and some gorgeous metallics to compliment pastel shades! I also think embellishments are going to be huge.


What’s next for the Nail Guru?
I’ve been running nail art workshops for the past year and I absolutely love getting to meet other nail techs and sharing with them my techniques and nail design ideas. This is the part of my business I’m really excited to grow along side my busy salon!! Who knows what the future holds.


To book with the Nail Guru or get to know more about her workshops, follow her Instagram or contact her via Facebook.

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